Naugatuck Valley Counseling & Medication Management provides counseling services and medication management.  We focus on building on individual strengths, unearthing dysfunctional thinking and behavioral patterns, and overall helping people manage their emotions better. Our goal for all of our clients is to live, and enjoy life, instead of being emotionally driven. Life can be full of struggles, and difficulties. You shouldn't have to manage these challenges alone.  Our individual and unique treatment may include the following practices:

Emotional Regulation – Skill building techniques that’s proven to help you manage your emotions so you don’t feel like your emotions are controlling you.

Medication Management - We offer the option for medication management to treat any mental health disorder, and MAT

( Medication Assisted Treatment) with Suboxone.

Play Therapy – A form of therapy used with children that utilizes various toys to help them tell their personal stories, while exploring their feelings.

Behavior Management – Teaching specific behavior skills to help address a variety of disruptive behavior problems.



Group Therapy – Different groups including , Anger Management , Men's Groups, Women's Trauma Groups, Women's Mindfulness Groups and Substance Use Disorder Groups 


Grief Counseling – The death of a loved one or even the loss of a close relationship can create deep feelings of sorrow. Grief counseling can help address the pain associated with these types of loss.


Conflict Resolution – Techniques taught to help resolve problems in your life (i.e. strained relationship with family member, romantic partner).


Caregiver Support – We understand that being a caregiver is an important and at times heavy task. We offer support and guidance for the caregiver. 


Assertiveness Training – Help to give those a voice that have difficulty with setting boundaries or in general speaking their mind.


Cognitive Restructuring – Help to change faulty or negative ways of thinking which has been found as a major contributor to psychological distress such as depression and anxiety.

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